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by Nieris

Very good with the sketching, though not very good with originality. Witches and pumpkins are overrated now a day and should be done wi...

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Mao Art by NScott144 Mao Art :iconnscott144:NScott144 2 2 Mao Front View by NScott144 Mao Front View :iconnscott144:NScott144 2 0 Meow from space dandy by NScott144 Meow from space dandy :iconnscott144:NScott144 1 0 Dandy from space dandy by NScott144 Dandy from space dandy :iconnscott144:NScott144 7 1 cuphead and mugman by NScott144 cuphead and mugman :iconnscott144:NScott144 6 1 the blob boss from cuphead by NScott144 the blob boss from cuphead :iconnscott144:NScott144 2 1 cuphead's ghost by NScott144 cuphead's ghost :iconnscott144:NScott144 5 1 noodle in twisted metal by NScott144 noodle in twisted metal :iconnscott144:NScott144 3 2 mugman by NScott144 mugman :iconnscott144:NScott144 6 0 baby max by NScott144 baby max :iconnscott144:NScott144 4 3 Max  by NScott144 Max :iconnscott144:NScott144 4 0 Noodle stretching by NScott144 Noodle stretching :iconnscott144:NScott144 5 0 w.i.p 2D streching by NScott144 w.i.p 2D streching :iconnscott144:NScott144 3 0 the gangs all here by NScott144 the gangs all here :iconnscott144:NScott144 4 0 noodle gorillaz by NScott144 noodle gorillaz :iconnscott144:NScott144 4 2 Prompto Argentum by NScott144 Prompto Argentum :iconnscott144:NScott144 5 0


Elska and His Victim 3 by Kerry-Sene Elska and His Victim 3 :iconkerry-sene:Kerry-Sene 64 35
Injustice 2 Guest Character: Hellboy
Name: Hellboy
Class type: Power
True name: Anung Un Rama
Voice actor: Ron Perlman
Bio: Summoned from Hell to Earth as an infant demon, Hellboy was discovered by a professor named Trevor Bruttenholm and raised as a normal boy by the kind-hearted man. Growing into a stronger and formidable demon, Hellboy now works for the BPRD, searching out paranormal activities and battling against dark forces that have long since stayed hidden from the heroes’ watchful eyes.
Batman: Are you the one called Hellboy?
Hellboy: You stand before him as we speak.
Batman: That’s a first.
Batman: Professor Bruttenholm told me he’d send a creature to assist me.
Hellboy: Hey! He tends to call me his adoptive son.
Batman: Then I’ve probably been misinformed.
Batman: Jaime tells me you’ve skipped practice.
Hellboy: Why are you monitoring me all of a sudden?
Batman: I need you to take this seriously.
Batman: Everyone has a weakness.
Hellboy: I bet eve
:iconmchistory:McHistory 5 1
Injustice 2 Guest Character: Mega Man

Real Name: Rock Light
Debut: Mega Man (1987)
Powers: Superhuman Physicality; Solar-Powered "Mega Buster" Arm cannon; Can copy the abilities of fallen opponents
Voice Actor: Cole Howard (Voiced Mega Man in Powered Up)
Class: Gadget
Alias: The Blue Bomber
Premier Skin: Proto Man
Origin: Rock and Roll Light were built as house-keeping robots by Dr. Light, who, at the time, had a colleague named Dr. Wily. Dr. Light built six Robot Masters, Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man, who were all meant to help society in some way. However, Wily got jealous of Dr. Light's fame, since he never really got credit where it was due, and stole Light's Robot Masters, making them his own. The exceptions were Rock and Roll, who Wily didn't view as being particularly helpful for world domination. With Dr. Light left i
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 20 4
Injustice 2 Guest Character: Leonardo
Name: Leonardo
Class type: Gadget
True name: Leonardo Hamato
Voice actor: Michael Sinterniklaas
Bio: One of the four mutated ninja turtles, Leonardo along with his brothers were raised by their adoptive father, the mutated rat Splinter, in the sewers of New York City. For years, their master taught them all kinds of martial arts, in which they used to combat crime in the city’s criminal underworld. But during Superman’s rise to power, Leonardo was forced to witness many tragedies, including the death of his sensei at the hands of the assassin: Ra’s al Ghul. With Raphael and Michelangelo gone out into hiding, Leonardo along with his brother Donatello seeks to find out the whereabouts of Ra’s, hoping to bring justice once and for all.
Leonardo: You know about the League of Assassins?
Batman: Yes, but I’m no longer a part of them.
Leonardo: Then tell me what you know and where I can find them.
Leonardo: I seek one man: Ra
:iconmchistory:McHistory 6 1
Injustice 2 Guest Character: Ben Tennyson

Symbol: Omnitrix Symbol
Intro (If Introduced First): Ben flies into the stage as Astrodactyl and then turns back to his human form as he lands. He then raises his fist and cockily raises his eyebrow as he responds to his opponent. 

Intro (If Introduced second):
 Ben walks into the stage figgling with the Omnitrix while speaking to the opponent. After the opponent responds, he looks up and gets into fighting stance while replying.
Ability: Hero Time-  Ben has the ability to switch between four different aliens: Diamondhead, Fourarms, Swampfire, and Big Chill. Each alien has their own movesets, strengths, and weaknesses. Each form lasts for 20 seconds and has a 10 second cooldown.
Normal: Agile, but not as strong.
Diamondhead: Durable and has the best range, but not very damaging unless he's up close.
Fourarms: Best melee attacks out of the five available forms, but no
:iconmaximumdisrespect:MaximumDisrespect 11 1
Injustice 2 Guest Character: Rolf
Series: Ed Edd n Eddy
Type: Power
Intro: If he appears first, Rolf walks in with his arms folded and after the foe comes and speaks, he brandishes his swordfish as he replies. If he appears second, he walks in with his swordfish slung over his shoulder and after the foe replies, he holds it in a battle ready hold as he ends the conversation.
Round Victory Taunt: Rolf raises his swordfish high as he says "For Rolf's ancestors!" or "Fear the Son of a Shepard!"
Victory: Rolf will put away his swordfish as he wipes his brow before taking out a Swiss Army Knife and jamming it into the ground with his head bowed in honor of his opponent.
Special Moves
Swordfish Charge: Rolf charges with his swordfish, impaling the foe if he hits. (Meter Burn: slams the foe down after impaling them, leading for combo opportunities)
Victor!: Rolf calls his trusty goat Victor to headbutt the foe. (Meter Burn: Victor is joined by Wilfred, doubling the damage)
Fish of Destiny: Rolf takes out a giant fish and
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 9 5
Injustice 2 Guest Character: Alice Liddell
Alice Liddell
Series: American McGee's Alice.
Type: Gadget
Intro: If she appears first, Alice floats down with butterflies surrounding her before stepping onto the ground to face the foe, after they speak, she replies by twirling her knife in hand and her finger on the blade. If she appears first, she walks in her civilian clothes and after the foe replies to her, she transforms into her normal outfit.
Round Victory Taunt: Alice clutches her head and sighs while saying "Don't bully me..." or "I'm very much on edge..."
Victory: Alice drops her knife and sighs as she sits down before a butterfly comes in and rests on her finger.
Special Moves
Pepper Grinder: Alice fires a load of pepper from her Pepper Grinder Gatling Gun. (Meter Burn: fires a longer stream of pepper bullets)
Hobby Horse: Alice jumps forward and slams her Hobby Horse down. (Meter Burn: added damage and super armor)
Teapot Cannon: Alice fires a teapot that explodes. (Meter Burn: the explosion leaves acid tea on the ground
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 11 3
Coloring Tutorial and Sai Tips by DyMaraway Coloring Tutorial and Sai Tips :icondymaraway:DyMaraway 19,415 1,612 Shading in SAI-Doing it right by Expie-OC Shading in SAI-Doing it right :iconexpie-oc:Expie-OC 2,760 166 Tokyo Street Sunset by arsenixc Tokyo Street Sunset :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 4,250 87
Injustice 2 Guest Character: Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin and Hobbes
Note: They fight like Ferra and Torr.
Series: Calvin and Hobbes
Class: Power (thanks to Hobbes)
Intro: If they appear first, Calvin and Hobbes fly in their time machine and get out as the foe appears and speaks, Calvin replies while getting on Hobbes' shoulders. If they appear second, Hobbes is walking on all fours with Calvin on his back and Hobbes speaks after the foe replies, Calvin finishes the conversation as Hobbes gets up with him positioning on his shoulders.
Post-Round Taunt: Calvin gets off Hobbes' shoulders and they high five before Calvin runs back up on his shoulders.
Victory: Calvin gets off Hobbes' shoulders and they hop in their time machine before blasting off into the sky.
Special Moves
Tiger Claw: Hobbes dashes forward before delivering an x-slash with his claws. (Meter Burn: Hobbes will tackle the foe mid-lunge and then shakes the foe in his mouth)
Calvinball: Calvin will toss a Calvinball at the foe. (Meter Burn: Calvin will also throw a Water Bal
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 6 2
Sketch dump! by Ashesfordayz Sketch dump! :iconashesfordayz:Ashesfordayz 77 2 Dirty Harry Art Comparison by Ashesfordayz Dirty Harry Art Comparison :iconashesfordayz:Ashesfordayz 42 2 Gorillaz Post-apocalypse AU sketches by Ashesfordayz Gorillaz Post-apocalypse AU sketches :iconashesfordayz:Ashesfordayz 56 4 Sleepy 2D sketch by TonicTeaCup Sleepy 2D sketch :icontonicteacup:TonicTeaCup 57 12 Saturnz Barz by TonicTeaCup Saturnz Barz :icontonicteacup:TonicTeaCup 221 7



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I luv to write draw and watch my favorite YouTubers i'm shy, and imaginative. I am now taking commissions, since I hit 10 watchers so commission anything you want (nothing NSFW) .


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